Vikingmar is a Danish-Spanish company that combines perfectly the expertise from a multinational team with a long tradition in the seafood market

This international DNA give us the necessary stimulus to construct a bridge between both cultures in order to exchange the best of their seafood products.

Vikingmar born with this main objetivo: bring the excellence of the North seafood to the Spanish markets and import all the taster of the Spanish sea into Scandinavia.

For this reason, Vikingmar´s work is based on the flexibility ant the immediacy of its Logistic System: the product is captures in the most important ports of Scandinavia or Spain, and in a few hours, it will be sent to the other corner of Europe. This way , Vikingmar can guarantee a stable supply of premium seafood and fish, maintaining all its natural attributes.

Being one of the main actors in the seafood import business is not a n easy task, but Vikingmar has reached this position thanks to the premium quality of its products, the innovation of its infrastructures and the efficiency of its distribution:

Premium Quality from the origin

From Denmark to Sweden, passing through Norway , Iceland or the Faroes, Vikingmar visits the most important Scandinavian ports, waiting for the arrival of the fishing boats in order to choose the best catch. This way we avoid unnecessary intermediaries and we can guarantee a total control of the cost of our products.


Spain in one of the most important seafood market in the world, not only for its premium quality products , but because it is a strategic logistic HUB that receives and distributes seafood from everywhere in the world. Vikingmar receives every day the best product from Spain, though one of the exclusive partners. With this system we can assure the best quality at the best price


Our production factory in Hirtshals (Denmark) let us receive and distribute all kinds of products daily. We have more than 700 m2 of surface area with all the necessary equipment to process live, fresh, cooked or frozen seafood.Our fish-hatchery can maintain the live product in perfect conditions and have it ready and prepared according to the necessities of our clients.


Distribution system

Our excellent location in Hirstshal, one of the most important logistic HUBS in the North Sea, lets us receive products from every corner of the Scandinavia. Moreover we receive seafood from Spain daily. All these products are received, processed and packaged very quickly. Though this precise distribution system, it is certain that our clients will have their products within a few hours of their capture. This assuring the high level of quality that Vikingmar requires.

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